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About Us

The Natural Dog is a family business owned and operated by husband and wife team Paul & Nora Oliphant. Paul established The Natural Dog after working with another dog company in 2013 and in late 2014 Nora left her job to join him in creating their own dog business. 












Paul Oliphant

"I have been an animal lover and owner my entire life. Although I have always lived with dogs, it wasn't until rescuing my current dog, Luna, that my passion for helping dogs achieve their natural balanced state truly took shape.  Luna came with quite a few issues...very high strung, very unfocused and very disobedient.  I had never owned a dog that was so unbalanced but I was determined to help her find her way.  We began to put in some serious trail time every single day and I also gave her boundaries and limitations that she was expected to respect.  These two things combined with ample amounts of love and patience did wonders to calm her restless mind.  I am now happy to report that she is a happy, calm and balanced canine citizen!  This experience sharpened my "dog whispering" skills and I have been able to successfully pass this on to many other dogs.  Helping dogs reach the calm and balanced state that is truly their "natural" state is my passion.  And thus "The Natural Dog" was born."

Nora McQuaide Oliphant

"After working in the Bay Area service industry for 8 years I decided it was time for a change. During my days off I'd join Paul on his pack walks, gaining experience with dog handling and learning what it takes to be a great pack leader. After seeing how happy Paul was with his job, I was easily persuaded to join him in the dog business. I've been an animal lover and pet owner my whole life and have a deep passion for the great outdoors. I feel so lucky that I am able to combine my love for animals and nature with spending my days hiking in the Oakland Hills, working with all different types of dogs. It brings me so much joy to see the positive transformations these individuals have made within the time I've spent as their pack leader instilling confidence, respect, and all around good behavior. These dogs are not just our four legged friends, they are family and I love each one as if they were my own."


“Paul is friendly, responsible and goes the extra mile and always makes you feel like your dog is #1." ​

"Paul has exceeded our expectations and we find him to be an asset to keeping our lives running smoother."  ​


"Paul and Nora are the perfect blend of dog knowledgeable and dog-loving... I met them walking other people's dogs in the parks and have been very impressed at how orderly and smoothly the walks progress...Their genuine affection for dogs is readily apparent."

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