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Off-Leash Trail Adventures

Pack walks are one of the most beneficial experiences your dog can have.  It is programed in their DNA to follow a calm, patient and confident pack leader.  Migrating as a structured pack instantly puts a dog into a natural and focused state of mind.  This alone can help melt away many "issues" a dog may have. 

How it works

Pack walks take place in various locations throughout the beautiful East Bay Regional Park District.  Each pack will have up to 6 dogs.  We typically do 2 hikes a day Monday- Friday.  Each hike will be at least a solid 60 minutes on the trail.   We pick up your dog from your home and drop off your pup tired and happy anywhere from an 1.5 to 4 hours later.  While it is of course the goal to get every dog off-leash, our primary concern is your dog's safety.  It is essential that your dog and us establish a two way relationship of trust and respect.  Some dogs earn that very quickly and others take a few walks.  We hold our dogs to high standards and where as some dog walkers will put dogs safety at risk by letting them do as they please,  we am very driven to teach dogs proper social behavior.  Not only does this ensure your dog's safety but it also translates to better behavior in your home.  We give your dog both physical and mental exercise.  Bringing your dog to an enclosed dog park may allow them to run around but it also may give them the opportunity to act out and reinforce undesired behaviors.  There is no substitute for a structured pack walk guided by a skilled and responsible leader.  It is a major key to bringing a dog back to it's natural and balanced state of mind.  


We pride ourselves on taking great pictures of all these good looking pups!  The Natural Dog Facebook Page is updated with pictures frequently and we're happy to email them to you as well.  We also post pictures on Instagram.  In addition to all the benefits you and your dog will receive from the pack walks, you will also have many amazing pictures that will last a lifetime.   


Please note that we have a 2 day per week minimum and can't accommodate short term walking requests.  




1 dog

$35/adventure hike






Licensed by the city of Oakland

           Permitted by East Bay Regional Parks District


Pet CPR certified

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